The Man Behind The Camera

Hesham, a Lebanese-Canadian, was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is the youngest of 5 siblings. As a child, his favourite past time was watching movies which would later develop his interest in the film industry. After attending Hillcrest High School, Hesham attended Carleton University, where he received an Honours Degree in Information Technology – Interactive Multimedia and Design.  In 2011, to further pursue his love for film, Hesham moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to attend the Vancouver Film School for 3D Animation & Visual Effects.  Throughout that time, he became very familiar with the VFX industry but also discovered his passion for acting.

Becoming an Actor

Since moving to Vancouver, Hesham had the opportunity to be an extra on many Film and TV productions.  Through his experience, he gained lots of valuable knowledge and many contacts, which helped him realize that acting was his true passion.  With that realization, Hesham decided to seriously pursue his new found passion and train as an actor, soon after signing with an agent.


Hesham’s first role was playing a Thief on the Fox series Almost Human. He has also appeared in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as Ghazi, and as a Minoan Guard on Syfy’s new series Olympus. His most recent credits include X-Men Apocalypse and the new season of Prison Break. Hesham continues to grow as an actor with the help of his acting coach Andrew McIlroy and attending workshops. Hesham is also co-founder of RevvFilms, a production company that creates short action films.

Fun Facts

Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Movie: Speed (1994)
Favourite TV Show: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Favourite Actor: Will Smith
Favourite Music: Tupac Shakur
Favourite Food: Shawarma (Lebanese food)
Favourite Beverage: Lemon Iced Tea
Favourite Restaurant: Red Lobster
Favourite Car: Aston Martin
Favourite Motorcycle: Kawasaki Ninja H2